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Exhibitor Events & Sponsorship Opportunities

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas and its affiliated secretariat organizations frequently have conferences in which exhibitors can participate. The following conferences have open exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities. This page is updated several times a year and exhibitors are encouraged to check frequently if they would like information about CMIT program dates and exhibitor packets.

2023 TCA Special Populations Conference

Dates: November 15-17, 2023

Location: College Station, TX

Attendees: Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Jail/Prison, Law Enforcement, Parole, Private Sector

Contact: Email Vanessa Farmer or Call (936) 294-1706

Download TCA Exhibitor Packet

TCA Conference Information

2024 Gang Intelligence and Supervision Conference

Dates: January 28-February 1, 2024

Location: San Marcos, TX

Attendees: Jail/Prison, Community Corrections, Leadership, Law Enforcement, School Administration, Other

Contact: Email Dustin Gaona or Call (936) 294-1668

Download GISC Exhibitor Packet

2023 TJA Jail Management Issues Conference

Dates: September 11-13, 2023

Location: Galveston, TX

Attendees: Jail/Prison, Leadership, Other

Contact: Email Sharese Hurst or Call (936) 294-1687

Download TJA Exhibitor Packet

2023 Drug Impact Conference

Dates: July 24 - 27, 2023

Location: Horseshoe Bay, TX

Attendees: Community Corrections, Leadership, Support Staff, Juvenile Probation, Community Supervision Officers, ISD Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement Personnel, Specialty Court Personnel

Contact: Email Vanessa Farmer or Call (936) 294-1706

Download 2023 Drug Impact Exhibitor Packet

10th Annual Mental Health Conference

Dates: October 16 - 19, 2023

Location: Austin, TX

Attendees: Community Corrections, Jailer, Corrections Officers, Probation Officers, Leadership, Judicial, Specialty Courts, Law Enforcement, Support Staff, Medical Staff, Mental Health Staff

Contact: Email Vinessa Mundorff or Call (936) 294-3073

Download 10MHC Exhibitor Packet [PDF]


Advertising Opportunities

Several organizations with which the Correctional Management Institute of Texas works offer advertising opportunities to companies in their respective journals. Feel free to browse the information below and contact the individual responsible for additional information.

Texas Association for Court Administrator's (TACA) Journal

Audience: 500+ court administrators, coordinators, and managers as well as judges and support staff.

Contact: Email Rian Sikes or Call (936) 294-1639

Additional Information: TACA Website

Texas Jail Association's (TJA) Key Issues

Audience: 1,000+ jail administrators, sheriffs and support staff.

Contact: Email Sharese Hurst or Call (936) 294-1687

Additional Information: TJA Website | Ad Information & Specifications

Texas Probation Association's (TPA) Texas Probation

Audience: 850+ adult and juvenile probation officers, chiefs, directors, criminal justice practitioners, counselors, volunteers, treatment center personnel, professors, and students.

Contact: Email Angela Semar or Call (936) 294-1640

Additional Information: TPA Website | TPA Journal

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