The Texas Association of Specialty Courts (TASC) will host the 2020 TASC Annual Training Conference from April 8-10, 2020, at the Omni Hotel located in Dallas, Texas. Approximately 700 attendees are anticipated!

TASC is seeking proposals for sessions/workshops that present best practices in service delivery; collaboration and justice programming that enhance outcomes for participants in treatment courts, including adult, juvenile, family and reentry drug treatment courts; DWI Courts; tribal healing to wellness courts; mental health courts; veterans treatment courts; and workshops geared towards rural counties. TASC strongly encourages proposals for sessions that present research findings, feature data analysis and highlighted evidence-based practices. While TASC will accept and schedule sessions that cover a wide range of topics, we are especially interested in justice-involved veterans; law enforcement personnel; pretrial services; equity and inclusion; family-centered practices; long-term recovery; community supervision; and jail-based treatment. For our law enforcement track, we are seeking proposals for sessions that specifically address the following topics:


Proposals will be selected based on their relevance to the field; style, clarity and originality; and the presenter’s subject matter expertise and training experience.


Workshops will be approximately 1.25 hours in length.


If selected, presenters agree to provide TASC with preliminary copies of their power point or handouts for their workshop by January 2, 2020, and final copies will need to be submitted by February 1, 2020. All handouts will be made available to conference attendees on the TASC Conference Page and the mobile app.

Registration & Expenses

Presenters are expected to register for the conference and pay for their own travel expenses. Speakers will receive a discounted registration fee of $115. If proposing a panel format, a maximum of three (3) presenters allowed.


Note to All Workshop Presenters
TASC may photograph, video and/or publish part or all of the proceedings of this conference. By presenting at the conference, you agree that TASC has the right to include your presentation in a future publication and/or its website if TASC decides to do so. You are not precluded from publishing your material elsewhere, nor is TASC obligated to include it in any book, monograph, or other communication that may arise from this conference.

All applicants will receive a confirmation email verifying the receipt of submission. Please note that all submissions must include your specific requests for audio/visual equipment. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender for completion.


Please contact Amber Gregory at or 936-294-3916.


Presenter Information


Requests & Needs

Please indicate the desired date that you would prefer to present as well as an alternate date. If your workshop is selected, we will attempt to assign you the requested time.

Lavalier Microphone
DVD Player
Laptop & Remote
LCD Projector
Embedded Videos in Powerpoint

Note to All Workshop Presenters
All presenters are encouraged to distribute business cards, contact information and website references to workshop participants. The sale of materials or book signings will not occur in the workshop. Should you wish to have a book signing or sell materials, you must contact Amber Gregory to secure a vendor booth. Please acknowledge receipt of this communication, which indicates your agreement to follow this policy. There is a possibility that your workshop will be filmed. There is no monetary compensation for workshop presenters or expenses incurred.

All applicants will receive a confirmation email verifying the receipt of submission. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender for completion.